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hapa (ha-pa) n. 1. pertaining to the Hawai'ian pronunciation of the English word half 2. a person of partial Kanaka Maoli (Native Hawai'ian) ancestry; in modern lexicon, a person who is mixed.

Are you a Hip HAPA Homee?
What's a HAPA Jahpa?

If you have a multiple racial or cultural identity, join us in forwarding the Hip HAPA Homeez agenda. Dude, we're hip. We're hapa. We're homeez! Since hapa is Hawai'ian pidgin for the English word half (half-a = hapa), anyone who is biracial (and not just part Asian) is a Hip HAPA Homee. Join our Hip HAPA Homeez Group page on Facebook where you can read and post news about all of our communities.

Have you ever noticed how many mixed-race people have one Japanese parent? What is up with that? Personally, we think it's a conspiracy to get us all to eat more sushi. Did you notice how fast Americans accepted the idea of eating raw fish once it was introduced to them? Not that all sushi is raw fish. Your Hip HAPA, who's vegan, only eats inarizushi--and suika sushi, of course. Still, it's something to ponder when you see the proliferation of sushi bars crowding every strip mall in the U.S.

Fiending to express your hapa-ness? Check out Hapa*Teez t-shirts for messages of hapa empowerment. Vanquish One Drop Rule by choosing from slogans like:

  • Hapa Nation
  • Made in America
  • 100% Hapa
  • Hip Hapa
  • Hapa Life
  • Hapa Power
  • Hapawood

And, for those who aren't hapa, but want to support the hapa agenda:

  • I Love Hip Hapas

Everyone pictured below has a Japanese parent. From left, Michiko Jones whose name is uncannily similar to Watermelon Sushi's main character...Michiko Johnson...in Beverly Hills. Then, there's Naila McKenzie, in Federal Way, who's a lawyer and an actress. Is there a difference? Just kiddin', Naila. International musical sensation Ilja Alexander lives in both Netherlands and Tokyo. Finally, meet Stewart Ikeda--editor at IMDiversity.com

Get teezed by clicking to the peep it! page. If you've already purchased a Hapa*Teez t-shirt, email hapateez@me.com for your rear crawl credit on Watermelon Sushi.

Technically, he's not a HAPA Jahpa, but Your Hip HAPA's got beef with J/A (Japanese American) actor George Takei ever since he chastised her for "mispronouncing" her name. Since then, Your Hip HAPA's challenged Mr. Sulu to a natto eating contest in an effort to prove, "Who's More Japanese, Fool?" Stay tuned to find out. That's George riding in the Japanese American parade in J-town (Nihonmachi) Los Angeles.

If you're a HAPA Jahpa, email us at yourhiphapa@me.com

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