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The art exhibit series, Watermelon Sushi, can be viewed in the archives of: IMDiversity.com

Watermelon Sushi World is published the first Wednesday of each month.

Watermelon Sushi: The Story of a Black Girl and Her Japanese Mother is 40 pages of photos, poetry and illustrations; and, available for $7 including postage and handling. Email: yourhiphapa@me.com for your copy.

T  R  A  I  L  E  R

View the Watermelon Sushi trailer on YouTube:

H   A   P   A   *   T   E   E Z

Get teezed! Hapa*Teez t-shirts for the mixed-race community will help finance the film. Buy yours at Cafe Press and get a rear crawl credit! Sign up for the Hapa*Teez newsletter or email hapateez@me.com to be added to the list.

S   E   X   Y   V   O   I   C   E   S   O   F   H   O   L   L   Y   W   O   O   D

Watch the Internet celebrity talk show created to support Watermelon Sushi.

Check out guests like Karyn Parsons (Hillary Banks of The Fresh Prince of BelAir) at YouTube, Pod Bean or blip.TV.

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Sexy Voices of Hollywood t-shirts on Cafe Press

S  T  A  Y    T  U  N  E  D:

A staged musical--Watermelon Sushi: A Hip-HAPA-ra, novel, vegan cookbook (featuring your recipes!) and an anime series are all in development.

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