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P  A  S  T

In 1998, Starwheels Productions began shooting Watermelon Sushi in Los Angeles. With black and white scenes depicting postwar Japan, the 120-minute feature film is equal parts comedy and drama.

Following 7 days of a 10-day scheduled shoot, a 4 1/2-minute trailer was edited and distributed.

Because cross-cultural, mixed-race and transracial adoptee communities have proclaimed their support for this film, a line of t-shirts was created as an opportunity to resurrect the movie. Buy a Hapa*Teez t-shirt and get a rear crawl credit. Click to the peep it! page for details.

F  U  T  U  R  E

Starwheels Productions plans to shoot a revised script with a budget of $3,000,000. None of the current footage will be used and a new cast will be featured.

M  U  S  I  C

A soundtrack album with old school rappers and Japanese enka singers will be produced, and most likely reach platinum status--more than paying back costs of film production. A staged musical, Watermelon Sushi: A Hip-HAPA-ra, is also in the works.

D  I  S  T  R  I  B  U  T  I  O  N

Worldwide distribution of the film is planned with emphasis on Japan and other foreign territories.

film strip with photos of original cast

A big up! to the homee who started it all--Darlene Romero, below pitching Watermelon Sushi to Debbie Allen in Santa Monica.

Mad props to Joe Calhoun (holding Oscar and filmmaker Barbara Trent) for his loyal sponsorship.

Respect to Mike Reed and the fellas at PC Net Express for their technical expertise and for delivering countless copies of the trailer to film festivals and events everywhere.

A shout-out to Associate Producer Derrick Holmes for his mad marketing skills!

film strip with photos of supportive homeez

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