w a z z u p !

C A S T & C R E W

Meet the stars of the show, from left to right: BIG UPS! to the homee who started it all--Darlene Romero, pitching Watermelon Sushi to Debbie Allen in Santa Monica. Arrigatou gozaimashita! to the original cast of ladies playing Grandma Kazuko (Kathy Chung), Michiko (Grace Rowe) & Mother Junko (Coco Nishiyama). MAD PROPS! to actress & make-up artist Phoebe Holston standing strong with Oscars. Gratitude to Joe Calhoun, an early supporter, with Oscar-winning documentary filmmaker Barbara Trent. Rappers Chuck D & Kool Mo Dee have both expressed interest in being featured players as has renowned enka artist Jero.

S H O U T - O U T S

To DJ Yutaka who provided the music for the Watermelon Sushi trailer & to our man in Japan, the late Derrick Holmes, who left us in 2012. To Mike Reed for his tech assistance, & to all the HIP HAPA HOMEEZ who bought Hapa*Teez t-shirts--among them: Rob Lee, Eva Abram, Cassie Hayes, Julia Baker, Teri LaFlesh, Carol Sugihara, Ejiroghene Bryan “Jiro” Efevberha, Andye Andinha & so many more whose names we'll add here soon.